Saturday, February 09, 2013

Tiramisu #3

This week has been one of those weeks where you have no energy and no real reason why. I am still trying to keep to "30 minutes of sewing a day", even if that just means pre-washing some fabric, oiling my machine or tracing off a new pattern. Luckily in actual sewing terms, I only had the hem of my third Tiramisu from SewingCake left to complete, otherwise I would have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about. I marked the hem length and serged the raw edge one day, then pressed it up and stitched it the next.

Since this is number 3, there isn't much left to say about the pattern or its construction. Except that I obviously like it! I sewed the dress exactly as written, except for omitting the pockets and adding 2 inches to the skirt length. The first one hit me right on the knee, I wanted this one fractionally longer. My fabric is Liberty jersey from Shaukat. I adore this chrysanthemum print and have been on the lookout for this print for ages. A year or two ago, Clarks released a shoe line with Liberty, using this exact print and colourway.

I bought them straightaway (I'm so glad I did, they are long sold out) and I love how they make jeans and a tee feel dressier. So technically I can now match my dress to my shoes. But I doubt that it going to happen, it is a little too matchy-matchy for me! I do have a little of the Liberty print left so I might make another Tira peplum tee in white, using the Liberty fabric as the neck and sleeve binding. That would go great with the shoes!
As ever this dress passes the gape test - the neckline stays nicely in place when I move. But it also passes the twirl test, which makes me happy. How long until Summer when I can actually wear this outside??


  1. lovely! I've been eyeing up that jersey, gotta love shaukat! x

  2. I love this! The print is divine.

  3. love the dress, love the shoes as well. amazing that you managed to find both in the same print. zora

  4. Lovely! Oh, the compliments you are going to get for this one...

  5. Another amazing version - I really need to get round to making this pattern! I love the fabric choice.

  6. Ohhhh, I want that fabric! So beautiful. Looks great on you, too! And I hear ya about sewing goals. Once I committed to just doing 30 minutes a day of a specific project, whether it was ironing interfacing or just hemming, and I finished it in less than 2 weeks.

  7. beautiful! the colours are lovely on you! I've got my eye on some jersey from Shaukat too... I think I need a jersey dress this spring! x

  8. Very cute dress. I like the ideal of 30 minutes of sewing. I am going to embark on Friday prep, Saturday sewing. Thanks for encouraging me to sew more.

  9. I love your dress. I'm just about to start a Tira in a Liberty Jersey and wanted to pick your brains on the cutting layout. Instinct tells me to fold selvedge to selvedge but the cutting layout shows the opposite - can you tell me what you did with yours?

    Thank you x

    1. The most important thing with cutting the Tiramisu is to go with the stretch of the fabric. The cutting layout is designed so that the stretch of the fabric works with the pattern and the "grainline" is really the "direction of most stretch" , for example the skirt and bodice are cut on the bias (so you can play with stripes and directional prints) but the midriff band is cut so that the stretch goes around the body and gives you plenty of movement. The neckband is cut in the direction with least stretch to help it snug up to the body and not gape at all.

      If I remember rightly, I did follow the cutting layout but the most important thing is to make sure to lay the pattern pieces so that the stretch/stripe line is correctly aligned.

      You might find it helpful to read Day 2 of the Tiramisu sewalong here: