Monday, December 02, 2013

Long time no blog

Long time no blog, eh? I guess maybe you're thinking I'm going to update you on my Autumn/Winter sewing plans? Sorry! While I have been really good at starting things, I haven't been quite so good at finishing them! I made a lady skater dress and loved it, so made a second one straight away. But haven't photographed either of them properly. Then the minute December 1st came around, all I can think about are all the Christmas things I want to make. So the wardrobe plans have to go on the back burner for now.

My December project list is a little like this:

1) A Christmas jumper for my kid - nearly done. I instagramed this pic before I started the plain body, which was so much quicker to knit than the snowflake lace!

2) A quilt for my nephew - only the binding to do
Another Instagram shot (yes this is lazy blogging at its finest!). I am loving this colour combo. It is Shipyard from Timeless Treasures. The "solids" are Fruit Punch textural linen-look, also Timeless Treasures.

3) A Christmas day dress for my kid - not even started yet. I'll use New Look 6065 which is OOP and I managed to pick up for £1. I'm using stash fabric so - bargain.

4) A sparkly beaded cardigan for me - only the buttonbands to knit. And buttons to buy.

5) A girl's skater dress - this doesn't have to be done for Christmas but I would love to have it ready for her stocking. I succumbed to the Kitschy Coo Black Friday sale and bought the girl's skater dress pattern, along with some pink mermaid print jersey (Pink! Mermaids! My kid will love it!)

Sounds doable? I thought so, except my sewing time is mostly when my kid is at preschool, and I worked out that there are only 9 more half days of school when parents aren't needed for parties, nativity plays etc. Basically I have 22 1/2 hours of potential sewing time, as long as I avoid all housework between now and the end of term!

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  1. Avoiding housework sounds like a plan!

    Good luck with your list, you have lots of great projects on the go.