Sunday, April 27, 2014


Me and my knitting friends came up with a stashbusting plan where you gain one point for every ball of yarn used up, and lose one point for every ball of yarn purchased during 2014. The plan is not to compete with the others (unless you want to!) but to end 2014 as close to your personal target as you can. Some people just want to have a zero balance, I hope to be somewhere around the -20 mark. So I have been dutifully using up yarn scraps and making sure not to add to the yarn stash (too much). I proudly watched my tally head into the minus zone (i.e. more yarn used than purchased)... until I realised that my fabric stash no longer fit into its small storage space. A quick review of the fabric stash, and I realised that far from cutting down on craft shopping, I had just switched my yarn shopping habits into fabric shopping habits. Oops. Added to that, I hate to throw away any fabric scraps unless they are really too small to use at all. And my fabric stash was getting (even more) out of control.

So over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a few small projects which will hopefully make a bit of room in both the yarn and the fabric storage. The 4 year old has been the lucky recipient of most of my efforts (it is handy to have small people to sew for).

So far I have made:

From left to right

Floral yoked blouse
Fabric: An L-shaped cotton remnant that I picked up at a meet-up. I wanted to make a dress but the size/shape of the remnant was pretty limiting.
Pattern: A vintage Style pattern - I only had it in age 3 size but that was fine for my tall skinny 4 year old as I also shortened the dress to a blouse.

Linen trousers
Fabric: Leftovers of khaki Blades linen/cotton blend from linen trousers I made myself about 2 years ago. Thread and elastic from stash. I also added an iron-on mermaid motif.
Pattern: I wanted a basic elastic waist pants pattern so I used the pj pants pattern from Shwin&Shwin (more details and link below) as it was already traced, and I knew it fit and was a decent length.

A pair of jersey pyjamas
Fabric: 1 metre of Pocahontas print jersey from Minerva fabrics. I used buttons, elastic and thread from stash.
Pattern: Shwin&Shwin free download in toddler size 4 only. It's a pretty cute, straightforward pattern.
I was short of fabric so I shortened the sleeves and omitted the collar. I rounded the edges off to create a baseball jersey look at the neckline. The inner leg seam was a bit of a strange curve so I did straighten it out a little. The legs were too long but that's a good thing as I could turn up wide hems. The top pattern could have been an inch or two longer for my tall girl.

Hello Kitty denim skirt
Fabric: A couple of very small remnants of stretch denim from Croft Mill (many years ago). There wasn't much I could squeeze out of these pieces so I had to choose something simple with few pieces.
Pattern: Based on a pattern in the Young Image Spring/Summer 2012 kids magazine, it's a basic skirt with a waistband casing. Their ruffle had a facing, to create a sort of bubble skirt, while I left it as a plain old ruffle. I added a Hello Kitty motif and did red topstitching to complement it.

Joseph sweater 
Yarn: About a ball and a half of Cygnet DK. At £1.95/ball it was really economical. I had to buy buttons (stashbust fail) as I didn't have 7 of anything even vaguely suitable.
Pattern: Joseph sweater from "What to knit: The toddler years" by Nicki Van De Car (FYI it has errata on her website)

So that's 4 decent size scraps out of the stash, as well as a bit of yarn and a few notions used up. Kiddo is really happy with these little wardrobe additions, the pyjamas in particular went down a storm and she was wearing them about an hour after they came off the machine. I have two lovely dresses for me underway at the moment but they are going to have to wait as I have had a request for an Elsa costume or two (all the little girls love that Frozen movie!), and since one of those requests has come from my niece whose birthday is coming up, that has to take priority. That's it for now. Happy weekend!

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  1. I completely get you on the channeling purchases into other things. Trying not to buy fabric has made me want to buy both yarn and books!

    The kids' clothes are pretty cute.