Monday, April 28, 2014

The Catherine jacket

When Meg and Michelle both knitted the Catherine cardigan, I must admit that I was very tempted to jump in and copy them completely. (You can read Meg's post here, can you believe this was her first ever sweater?!) A week or so later, Drops had a 25% off promotion and well... I took it as a sign and duly purchased enough Drops yarn to make my own version of the sweater. I chose camel brown with white accents.

The Catherine jacket is a free pattern on the Drops website. It is knitted in Drops Alaska (which is 100% wool) but I subbed that for Drops Nepal (a wool/alpaca blend). I knitted a medium, overall it is more fitted than I initially thought. I didn't plan to knit the belt but I actually like how it looks.

The sleeves turned out more fitted than I expected. I used a larger needle size for the sleeves as they were knitted in the round and I know that I often knit tighter in the round. But they are still quite snug. I note that someone on Ravelry knitted a medium body with large sleeves and this makes a lot of sense to me now.

The shawl collar comes up around the back of the neck, which makes it extra warm. Again, I referred to the knitters of Ravelry and opted to do fewer increases on the collar as some people said it ended up too loose at the back of the neck (if memory serves me correct, I did the first set of increases but not the second).

The cardigan is lovely and warm, and it saw a lot of wear during the colder months at the beginning of the year. Now the weather is warming up, it works as a top layer instead of a coat or jacket.

I had a little bit of white and a whole ball of camel left over at the end, so in the spirit of stashbusting I decided to knit a little Brambles bear for my nephew. The Drops yarns is super soft and snuggly so I hope he will enjoy cuddling it.
Bramble bear, using 1ball of Drops Nepal

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  1. IT'S SO AWESOME!!! I love love love that you made this sweater. I've been wearing mine non-stop! High five for finishing such a fabulous piece!!!!!