Monday, April 07, 2014

The Lacyskater dress

Good morning everyone. I had a wonderfully busy yet productive weekend and it's given me a real energy boost to get stuff done! I went shopping on Saturday - something I rarely do now unless there is a fabric shop involved. But I needed to buy some gifts for family, and new shoes for the little one, and I somehow ended up with a lovely new handbag for me as it was 70% off and I could not resist. It's quite a rarity to get sales this good around here, there was crowd control at the shop and a 40 minute wait for the cash till!

On Sunday we had a kid's birthday party to attend and then I had tickets for Disney on Ice as a special treat. It was busy but so much fun.

Somehow in amongst all of this I managed to crack out a new dress to wear. I do love how fast I can put together a knit dress once I have tweaked the pattern to my satisfaction. This is now my third Ladyskater dress from Kitchycoo, and I think this one took a grand total of two hours from start to finish. I did a forward shoulder adjustment, shortened the bodice and did a cheater FBA just like the previous one. This time I also added 1 or 2 inches to the skirt length as I am 5"8 with all my height in my legs. I also cut the 3/4 length sleeves but just hemmed them instead of using the band cuff, it means the sleeve sits slightly above my elbow and I think this is the best length for me.

I used a black lace print "scuba knit" from Abakhan. It was £4.50/m from the Birkenhead store (I don't think it is online) and I used 2 metres. I have never used scuba knit before, and I have no idea of the fabric composition as it was only labelled "scuba knit". It feels a bit like a ponte, and while I'm guessing it has some polyester content it doesn't feel hot or uncomfortable to wear. There is more than enough stretch in my particular fabric for a pull-on dress. It pressed nicely without going shiny. Are all scuba knits created equal? I have no idea but this one was lovely and I would definitely use fabric like this again.

All my Ladyskaters so far have been sewn from warmer fabrics - in the climate I live in, this makes them suitable from mid-September to about mid-May. My Ladyskater obsession isn't finished yet as I have a lightweight knit all ready to go for a summer version.


  1. Scuba knit? Does that mean you can go diving in it? (How cute would this look with a matching bathing cap?!)

  2. Really lovely Helen! You will get a lot of wear out of this.

  3. Oh Helen I love this! You're making me want to rush out to buy the pattern (or buy it online)!