Monday, June 09, 2014

Reflections on Me Made May 2014

Well its over! (and has been for over a week, please excuse my delay in posting!) Although I ended up being pretty poor at taking outfit photos, I am pleased to say that I wore me-made for all but three days in May.

What did I learn?

* I absolutely could not do MeMadeMay without my Deer and Doe Plantain tees (of which I now have 5!) and my Kitchycoo Lady skater dresses (I have 4) and my handknit scarves. These are my wardrobe staples.

* I wear jeans a lot. Like A LOT.

* I grab the same separates and co-ordinate them the same way most of the time. One reason I didn't take many photos is that I just felt quite uninspired and uninspiring.

Why did I choose RTW on three days?

* We had a random hot day and I wanted to wear a jersey maxi dress (I made up for it by sewing one the next day, pics below).

* My sports team were doing well and I chose to wear a branded jersey.

* I had a lazy day where I just had to wear leggings.

What are the me-made gaps in my wardrobe? Going forward, what should I concentrate on sewing?

In no particular order...

* Leggings/casual trousers: I'm not sure if I'm up to sewing jeans, plus I have a couple of RTW pairs which I love and don't yet need replacing. I could sew more bottoms such as leggings or casual trousers that might get me out of jeans on occasion.

* Maxi skirts and dresses could also replace the jeans.

* A summerweight jacket/coat, such as the Deer and Doe Pavot, would be a wardrobe staple and get a lot of wear

* Summerweight pjs. I sewed a couple of flannel pairs but they are too warm for this time of year.

* Woven tees/unstructured blouses would feel a little smarter than my knit tees, without being overdressed.

* Tunic/loose dress to wear over leggings. I got so obsessed with trying to get "fit" right, that I made every garment fitted. And that's not what I want to wear every day.

* Hoodies are my go-to loungewear. I really want to sew the Seamster patterns Avocado hoodie.

* Underwear

Any progress towards these goals already?

* I sewed a maxi dress! I used 2 metres of viscose print jersey from Minerva Crafts and (surprise surprise) my Deer and Doe Plantain tee pattern! I was going to use McCalls 6559 but I decided to lay my already-fitted Plantain tee pattern over the top to compare fit. And then I thought, why not just use the Plantain tee pattern in the first place, and lengthen it to match the McCalls pattern? So that's what I did. The only thing I forgot to do is to raise the neckline slightly to compensate for the weight of the extra fabric pulling it down. It's not obscene, but I would raise it next time if I sew it again. It's also not the most fitted of dresses, but I was hoping for a loose drapey maxi dress so I'm fine with the end result.

* As luck would have it, I received a surprise gift this week and it was the Great British Sewing Bee book, which comes with several dressmaking patterns including leggings! Now to check the stash/shop for appropriate fabrics.

* I traced off and cut out a Japanese tunic dress from one of the Stylish Dress books. It should be quite quick to put together.

* This week saw a knicker sewalong hosted by Measure Twice Cut Once. So one of the reasons I am posting about Me Made May so late is that I have spent the week sewing underwear! I'll do a  proper post about that in a few days but I have somehow managed to sew 6(!) pairs this week and use up mostly small scraps of fabric from my stash.

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