Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The pattern pyramid!


Well hello there, you poor neglected blog. After having an awesome fun-filled summer I was quite looking forward to getting back into the new routines that September brings. Unfortunately the new routines just meant more busy-busy-busy. I have been sewing, but internet time has been minimal. Getting my little one settled in her new school took longer than I anticipated - she is loving it but if truth be told she is still struggling with tiredness now that she is attending full days at a school a little further away and she has homework to do every week!


Anyway I have been meaning to write this post for ages because I was lucky enough this summer to be the next recipient of the pattern pyramid. For anyone who doesn't know the story, about 2 years ago Karen of Did You Make That was gifted a big box of vintage patterns and she decided to share the love with the sewing blogosphere, you can read her original post here The basic premise is that you get to pick one from the box and then send the box onto another lucky blogger and so on....

 What did I pick?

I couldn't decide between Vogue 2412 and Butterick 5846, the Vogue coat had amazing pattern artwork and the Butterick dress had been on my wish list for a while. 

So I kept them both and added three vintage Style patterns from my stash as a bit of cosmic balancing. There were some really gorgeous styles that luckily weren't my size so that did make the decision a little easier. I'm not sure which I will sew first - I would love to make the coat and I even found a lovely wool plaid with a brushed back which would be toasty warm, however... I can only find the colourway I like in a big department store at nearly £30/m, while the independent store has the other colourways for £10/m. So either I'm going to have to adjust my plans or wait for a good (i.e. at least 50% off) sale in the department store!

So the rules are:

  • Anyone, anywhere can enter the giveaway by posting a comment below by midnight GMT Tuesday 7th October BUT you must have an active blog.
  • I will announce a winner next week. If your blog/email address is available through your profile, I will message you. If not, please keep an eye on this blog. If I don't hear from the winner within a week I'll have to pick someone else.  
  • I'm happy to post worldwide. 
  • I will post the box of patterns onto the winner, who can pick a pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own giveaway. If you have any patterns you want to add to the box that will help the fun go on even longer.
  • The patterns haven't been checked for completeness - its the luck of draw!

Tempted? Well here are some of the beauties that are still waiting for new homes...

Smart suits...

Gorgeous dresses...

And if 1960's McCalls patterns are your things, there are a few to choose from...


  1. Omg I'd love to play part in the pattern pyramid. :D I've recently started sewing myself and all I have is a selection of vintage patterns I'd love to be the next leg of the journey of sharing.

    1. Hi! you won! Send me an email and I will post the box of patterns on to you.